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La Dragonne Perfume Bottle

The "La Dragonne" purse perfume bottle looks like a crystal prism, it has a gilded cap from which a ribbon is attached by a loop at the end

Climat c1967

Climat by Lancôme: launched in 1967. Created by by Gerard Goupil of Robertet Perfumers. This fragrance takes its name from the well-known eponymous novel by French author André Maurois. The English translation of “Climats de Lancome” is "ambience of Lancome.”

Etiquette Noire c1935

Etiquette Noire by Lancome: launched in 1935. Created by Armand Petitjean. It was available as a cologne.

La Vallee Bleue c1943

La Vallee Bleue by Lancome: launched in 1943. Created by Armand Petitjean.

So what does it smell like? It was a light, refreshing perfume with a dominant note of lavender.

  • Top notes: lemon, lime, petitgrain
  • Middle notes: lavender, tuberose, rose
  • Base notes: civet, amber, sandalwood, benzoin

Discontinued, date unknown. Still being sold in 1952.

Spoutnik Perfume Presentation c1958

In 1958, in order to commemorate the launch of Sputnik, Lancome introduced two Georges Delhomme designed "Spoutnik" limited edition perfume presentations, one was a blue tinted opalescent glass moon faced purse flacon for the perfume Magie. This bottle was also used for other perfumes. Only 100 bottles were manufactured.

And the second bottle was shaped like a crescent moon with a smiling face also in blue tinted opalescent glass attached to a cobalt glass base, this too was a limited edition of only 100 examples and was used for various perfumes.

Melisande Perfume Presentation c1954

Lancome introduced "Melisande" in 1954, a beautiful figural bottle of a standing lady made up of pink tinted opalescent glass. This luxury presentation was used for various perfumes including Magie, Fleches D'Or and Tresor  was designed by Georges Delhomme.

Art et la Mode, 1954:
"MAGIE" de LANCOME présenté dans la statuette de cristal MELISANDE " 

L'Art et la mode, 1959:
"Tresor et Flèches d'or, contenus dans un flacon en cristal givré représentant la belle Mélisande aux longs cheveux : objet d'art exquisement féminin."
"Tresor and Fleches d'or, contained in a frosted crystal bottle representing the beautiful Melisande with long hair: the exquisitely feminine art object. ..."

L'Art et la mode, Issue 2763,
"Mélisande est un statuette de cristal légèrement coloré, dont la matière évoque et donne effets comparables à ceux d'une pierre  dure. C'est une petite chef d'ouvre de le ligne et de goût  Mélisande » renferme, à votre choix, les célèbres parfums de Lancôme : Magie, Trésor, Flèches ou Kypre qui sont les plus riches compositions de notre époque. Le flacon « Dragonne », fantaisie originale qui rappelle assez le sabre.."

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Kypre c1935

Kypre by Lancôme: launched in 1935. Created by Armand Petitjean. Lancôme launched its first five fragrances in 1935 at the World's Fair in Brussels - Tendre Nuit, Bocages, Conquete, Kypre and Tropiques.

Fleches c1938

Fleches by Lancome: launched in 1938. Created by Armand Petitjean. The name means "arrows" in French and refers to Cupid's arrows of love.

Fetes de Paris c1938

Fêtes de Paris by Lancome: launched in 1938. Created by Armand Petitjean. It was available as a cologne.

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Cuir c1939

Cuir by Lancome: originally launched in 1936 as Révolte. The name was changed to Cuir in 1939 as the name Révolte was being used by another company in South America.

The perfume was created by Armand Petitjean.

Lancome Perfumes and Furs

American Fur Breeder - Volume 21, 1948:

Perfume and Furs..

Perfume, if used discriminately, will be the “finishing touch” to your most precious furs.

It is important, however, that you should have  a few basic facts on the manner in which different perfumes will agree with your different furs.

Every fur contains natural elements which may act as “fixatives” to the perfume. It is necessary to know how these will blend with the components of each fragrance.

A light floral fragrance may have a tendency to “breakdown”, and lose its identity when applied to a fur which retains a strong natural odor.

...fragrance will cling much longer. But do not “soak” the fur, as the perfume’s alcohol may have a drying effect on the skins.

Caution must be used when applying perfume to furs which have been dyed: after repeated applications, the alcohol may cause discoloration.

Soft, velvety furs, such as mink, beaver, nutria, will be enhanced by a fragrance having the same velvety tones. Kypre of Lancome is one of the favorites for those.

Furs of a wilder, coarser and thicker type such as Persian Lamb, Muskrat or hair seal - more difficult to wear - will be ideally perfumed with Cuir de lancome.

Such “chic” perfumes as Tropiques and Fleches will blend delightfully with long haired furs, or the very light skins of the Sable, Chinchilla, Ermine, Squirrel  as well as all minks.

Qui Sait is too refined and complex to develop fully on fur. It should be avoided.

Bocages will be restricted to the lighter furs: Chinchilla, Marten and Ermine.

Fêtes de l'Hiver c1959

Fêtes de l'Hiver by Lancome: launched in 1959.

Joyeux Été c1947

Joyeux Été by Lancome: launched in 1947 as part of Lancome's Eau de Senteurs line of eau de toilettes.

Flèches d’Or c1957

Flèches d’Or by Lancome: launched in 1957.

Bel Automne c1947

Bel Automne by Lancome: launched in 1947.

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Nativite Presentation c1942

L'Ange Souffleur, a limited edition perfume bottle used for a special Christmas presentation called La Nativite in 1942. This was used for Christmas presentations up until around 1948. The bottle held various Lancome perfumes including Fleches and Kypre.

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Lavandes c1941

Lavender by Lancome: launched in 1941. Created by Armand Petitjean.

Conquête c1935

Conquête by Lancôme: launched in 1935. Created by Armand Petitjean. Conquête was launched alongside  four other new perfumes (Tropiques, Kypre, Tendres Nuits and Bocages) at the June opening of the Universal Exhibition in Brussels.

Bocages c1935

Bocages by Lancôme: launched in 1935. The name means "Groves" in French.

Tropiques c1935

Lancome Tropiques: launched in 1935. Created by Armand Petitjean. Tropiques was inspired by the tropical port of Bahia in Brazil and the perfume reportedly took four years to be completed. Tropiques was one of the first five Lancome perfumes to be presented at the Universal Exhibition in Brussels, the others were Tendre Nuit, Bocages, Conquête and Kypre.

Marrakech c1947

Marrakech by Lancome: launched in 1947. Created by Armand Petitjean.

Peut-Etre c1937

Peut-Etre by Lancome: launched in 1937. The name means "perhaps" in French. The perfume was renamed "Qui Sait? in 1954, because it was easier for non-French speaking customers to pronounce.

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Tendres Nuits c1935

Tendres Nuits by Lancome: launched in 1935. Lancôme launched its first five fragrances in 1935 at the World's Fair in Brussels - Tendre Nuit, Bocages, Conquete, Kypre and Tropiques.

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Perfume List

The fragrances of Lancome:

  • 1935 - Bocages
  • 1935 - Tendre Nuit
  • 1935 - Conquete
  • 1935 - Kypre
  • 1935 - Tropiques
  • 1935 - Cachet Bleu
  • 1935 - Etiquette Noire
  • 1936 - Révolte (name changes to Cuir in 1939)
  • 1938 - Moi l'Etrange
  • 1938 - Moi la Passion
  • 1938 - Moi le Charme
  • 1938 - Moi le Rêve
  • 1943 - La Vallée Bleue
  • 1944 - Les Oiseaux (bottle with birds on it)
  • 1945 - Lavandes
  • 1945 - Ange (bottle with angel, also named La Nativite)
  • 1946 - Marrakech
  • 1946 - Qui Sait?
  • 1947 - Bel Automne (Cologne)
  • 1947 - Joyeux Eté (Cologne)
  • 1949 - Magie
  • 1952 - Eau de Senteur de Lancome
  • 1952 - Plaisir
  • 1952 - Grâces du Printemps (Cologne)
  • 1952 - Envol
  • 1955 - Seul Tresor
  • 1957 - Flèches D'Or
  • 1958 - Lancome d'Abord
  • 1959 - Fètes de l'Hiver (Cologne)
  • 1967 - Climat
  • 1968 - Balafre
  • 1969 - Ô de Lancôme
  • 1971 - Sikkim
  • 1974 - Balafre Vert
  • 1974 - Balafre Brun
  • 1977 - Arômes et Moi (collection)
  • 1977 - Balafre Internationale
  • 1978 - Magie Noire
  • 1982 - Trophee
  • 1985 - Sagamore
  • 1986 - Ô de Lancôme Intense
  • 1990 - Trésor (reformulation and relaunch)
  • 1995 - Poéme
  • 1998 - Chrysalide Now Or Never
  • 1998 - Rouge
  • 1999 - Aroma Tonic
  • 1999 - Ô Oui!
  • 2000 - Miracle
  • 2000 - Aroma Blue
  • 2000 - Aroma Tonic
  • 2000 - Aroma Calm
  • 2001 - Aroma Fit
  • 2001 - Miracle pour Homme
  • 2002 - Miracle Intense
  • 2003 - Aroma Source
  • 2003 - Miracle L'Aquatonic
  • 2003 - Attraction
  • 2004 - Attraction Le Parfum
  • 2003 - Connexio
  • 2004 - Miracle so Magic!
  • 2005 - Hypnôse
  • 2005 - Attraction Summer
  • 2005 - Climat (reformulation and relaunch)
  • 2006 - Tropiques (a reformulation and relaunch)
  • 2006 - Miracle Forever
  • 2006 - Mille et Une Roses (originally launched as 2001 Roses)
  • 2007 - Hypnôse Homme
  • 2007 - Magie Noire (reformulation and relaunch)
  • 2007 - Cuir de lancome (reformulation and relaunch)
  • 2008 - Cyclades
  • 2008 - Magnifique
  • 2009 - Hypnôse Homme Cologne
  • 2009 - Hypnôse Senses
  • 2010 - Ô d'Azur
  • 2010 - Trésor in Love
  • 2011 - Trésor L’Absolu Désir
  • 2011 - Trésor Midnight Rose
  • 2012 - L’Autre Ôud
  • 2012 - La Vie Est Belle

Aroma Sun
Diamant (diamond shaped bottle)
Goutte d'Eau (teardrop frosted bottle)
Nativite (L'Ange Souffleur bottle)
Ô Oui! – you are burning
Ô pour Homme
Rêve de Singapour (Created for Singapore Airlines)
Programme Homme Cologne

L'Art et la mode, Volume 79, 1959: