Friday, March 14, 2014

Lancome Perfumes and Furs

American Fur Breeder - Volume 21, 1948:

Perfume and Furs..

Perfume, if used discriminately, will be the “finishing touch” to your most precious furs.

It is important, however, that you should have  a few basic facts on the manner in which different perfumes will agree with your different furs.

Every fur contains natural elements which may act as “fixatives” to the perfume. It is necessary to know how these will blend with the components of each fragrance.

A light floral fragrance may have a tendency to “breakdown”, and lose its identity when applied to a fur which retains a strong natural odor.

...fragrance will cling much longer. But do not “soak” the fur, as the perfume’s alcohol may have a drying effect on the skins.

Caution must be used when applying perfume to furs which have been dyed: after repeated applications, the alcohol may cause discoloration.

Soft, velvety furs, such as mink, beaver, nutria, will be enhanced by a fragrance having the same velvety tones. Kypre of Lancome is one of the favorites for those.

Furs of a wilder, coarser and thicker type such as Persian Lamb, Muskrat or hair seal - more difficult to wear - will be ideally perfumed with Cuir de lancome.

Such “chic” perfumes as Tropiques and Fleches will blend delightfully with long haired furs, or the very light skins of the Sable, Chinchilla, Ermine, Squirrel  as well as all minks.

Qui Sait is too refined and complex to develop fully on fur. It should be avoided.

Bocages will be restricted to the lighter furs: Chinchilla, Marten and Ermine.

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