Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nativite Presentation c1942

L'Ange Souffleur, a limited edition perfume bottle used for a special Christmas presentation called La Nativite in 1942. This was used for Christmas presentations up until around 1948. The bottle held various Lancome perfumes including Fleches and Kypre.

Flacon designed by Georges Delhomme and manufactured by Verrières de la Bresle. The box was designed by Maurice Perot and manufactured by by Draeger and Makowski. It is covered with embossed silver foil decorated with five miniature style lithographed medallions each depicting a scene from the Nativity.

Bottle is a rectangular shape, made up of colorless frosted glass, decorated in gilded relief on one side of an angel blowing air. Golden rays extending on the body of the bottle in shower. Glass stopper cover, over small glass stopper. The bottle measures 4" tall x2.5" wide x1.5" thick. Label should be on base of bottle.

Holds 2 3/4 oz of perfume.

Discontinued, date unknown.

Harper's Bazaar, 1946:
"Perfumes cradled in the story of the Nativity come to you direct from Paris. Make your Christmas carol LANCOME Perfume."

photo by drouot

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  1. Awesome bottle.... I'm lucky to have it!!